A Short History of Ladd’s Addition Street Trees (9/16)


1907-10      Ladd Estate Co. paves streets, sidewalks, and alleys; plants 1,600 street trees

1977           City designates Ladd’s Addition as a Historic Conservation District

1988           Ladd’s placed on National Register of Historic Places; city adopts street tree guidelines

Inoculating American Elms against Dutch Elm Disease (DED)

1991-95      DED appears in Ladd’s; 270 American elm street trees remain; Save Our Elms organized

1995-2011  SOE holds 17 annual micro-inoculation programs

2012-16      SOE holds four macro-inoculation programs

2016            180 American elms remain, a survival rate of 67% over 20+ years


1985            Street tree coverage drops below 60% of Ladd’s properties

1986-87       Historic District Advisory Council and Ladd’s Tree Bank plant 250 street trees

1990            140 street trees planted, including DED-resistant elms

1997-2016   SOE plants 395 street trees in 20 annual plantings; average of 20 per year

1986-2016   Total of 785 street trees planted, following 1910 and 1988 planting plans

2012            City inventory shows 1,479 street trees (representing 42 genera), 92% coverage


2004-16      SOE negotiates special rates for winter pruning of large street trees

2013            SOE holds pruning program for young street trees


Since its inception, SOE has received private donations totaling over $200,000.

During that time, Ladd’s residents have invested tens of thousands of dollars for large street tree pruning.

All inoculating and planting since 1986 has been done at no cost to residents!