What Kind of Tree Do I Have?

Curious about the age, type or health of the street tree in front of your home? It’s easy to learn more about your tree(s) by clicking here to access the latest Portland Street Trees map. Double click on your neighborhood to zoom in on your address then single click on the green circle in front of your home.

The map is the result of a Portland Parks & Recreation effort to compile data on all 5,444 street trees within the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood. The data was collected by Urban Forestry staff and volunteers to create the neighborhood’s first complete street tree inventory which will be used in the creation of a Neighborhood Stewardship Plan. The Plan will be essential to guide home owners and volunteers in caring for the community’s trees. It will also be used by organizations like SOE to prioritize tree plantings (fill empty spaces and replace aging trees), maintenance and to monitor for disease such as Dutch elm.

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